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The shapes that are colored cream white are based after the "freindship basket" design.  This design comes in variations from the Native people of the oregon coast and rivers. There are many Native American tribes that use similar geomoetric patterns and many similarities can be seen in basket weavings through many different cultural groups along the west coast. The artist No-Sun used this design with the blessings of the tribe for a mural he painted at the Mamook Tokatee apartments on 42nd and Going steet in Portland, Oregon. Today No-Sun has taken arististic liberty to  make this one of akind design. This dornier rug really ties the room together. Great bold design with a silky-soft surface to step on and an anti-slip bottom for enhanced safety, this personalized rug adds both personality and extra coziness to any space. Available in multiple sizes for any type of room.

.: 100% polyester
.: Textured non-skid back
.: Durable textured face

 20" × 32"35" × 63"63" × 84"
Length , in20.0035.0063.00
Height, in32.0063.0084.00

.: Available in 3 different sizes: 20" × 32'' (51cm x 81cm ), 35" × 63'' (89cm x 160cm) and 63" × 84'' (160cm x 213cm)

GEO Design smash up Dornier Rug from WAR MEDICINE

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